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All Time Safaris, Your East African Tour Company for the ultimate Safari experience wish to extend a very warm welcome to all our visitors to East Africa, once described as the Origin of Man Kind, where we trust you will be afforded the safaris that will both excite as well as educate you about the treasures and secrets of predominantly rural Africa. All Time Safaris is company run by professionals with combined experience of over 20 years in every aspect of the tourism industry.

All our directors are graduates from famous universities in Africa, our main dream and objective is to deliver quality services to all our clients. All Time Safaris is a premier tour company offering a wide selection of tailor-made safaris designed and arranged with our visitors' unique interests in mind. If your specific safari is not featured in this website, please contact us to see our other offers. We trust you will find this website captivating while at the same time providing all the information you need to book a safari with us.

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The Masai Mara Migration...

After the rains when the first flush of grass turns the Masai Mara’s golden savannah green, the most mesmerising wildlife spectacle anywhere takes place here: The Great Wildebeest Migration. Between the months of July and October one and a half million wildebeest, accompanied by vast numbers of zebra and gazelles make the long and dangerous trek from drier lands in Tanzania, northwards to this corner of Kenya. Lines of animals stretch as far as the eye can see across the plains. They come to give birth to their young and the grasslands echo with the sounds of the new-born. It is a time of plenty. But it is a time too when the predators are drawn from all around. High above on the hot winds the carrion birds, the vultures and eagles, soar. In the long grasses lion, cheetah, leopard and hyena prowl. Most dramatic of all is the moment when the migration arrives at the Mara River. They must cross it to reach the rich grazing. As the animals throng, crocodiles cruise the waters. Then the bravest takes the plunge into the swirling currents and thousands follow.

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